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  • "The smallest change in how you look can make the biggest difference
    in how you feel."

    -Marc D. Feldman M.D., FACS

Discovering Your Plastic Surgery Options in New Jersey

As a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and a graduate of Upstate Medical University in New York, Marc Feldman, M.D. is committed to providing his patients with state-of-the-art medicine in a positive and caring atmosphere. With a strong attention to detail, Dr. Feldman's patients at Feldman Plastic Surgery leave with amazing results and renewed self-confidence.

Are Breast Implants a Good Choice For You?

With tactful and detailed conversations, you and your surgeon will be able to settle on a breast size that will look great on you and leave you feeling amazing.

How Can You Be Sure You Chose the Right Breast Implant?

Even if a patient has a good idea of how she wants her breasts to look, it is important to consult with a plastic surgeon to ensure that the process will performed in a manner that preserves her health while meeting her aesthetic expectations.

What's the difference Between a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

Though the two are often used in conjunction with one another, breast lifts and augmentations are quite different. Read on to discover what those differences really are and how they pertain to your surgery.

Will a Tummy Tuck Be Enough?

The abdominals have long been a problem area for many women, and patients want to know what the procedure will mean for them. Continue reading to learn more about the tummy tuck.

Can Your Own Fat Add Volume to Your Face?

While a vast majority of people have chosen synthetic fillers that are injected underneath the skin for instant results, some facilities have promoted the idea of patients using their own fat to achieve facial volume. But is this alternative really worth it?


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